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Hey Folks,

Natasha and I picked up a 1951 GMC PD4103 bus at the end of April 2006. Currently known as "The Bus" until we get creative enough to name it.

In a past life "The Bus" was a Carolina Trailways inter-city bus that made the run from Greensboro, NC to Eden, NC to Martinsville, VA and back many times. It was converted to a 4-bunk RV prior to us taking posession, and made many trips to various NASCAR races over the years. While the conversion is a few years old it's quite serviceable. Motive power is supplied by the venerable Detroit Diesel 6-71 inline six cylinder two-stroke diesel coupled to a Spicer 4-speed manual transmission. Learning to drive the bus with no operable tachometer or speedometer and a 30 foot long shift linkage takes some "adjustment" and let's just say the bus doesn't stop on a dime. Top speed is approximately 45MPH in 3rd and 65MPH in 4th, so this is not what you would call a "fast" bus. It will, however, get you where you are going, and believe me, you'll be noticed. Kid's love the bus and the awesome three-trumpet air horns.

"The Bus" has three pairs of original bus seats, bus heat, a working RV lavatory, and a stand-up shower with a skylight and all the way in the back is a "living room" with an L-shaped couch and "Entertainment Center" with room below for a computer and game console. "The Bus" also has a small kitchenette sink and counter, a dinette table with two of the three pairs of bus seats for seating, overhead kitchen-style cabinets, RV airconditioning, AC and 12-volt wiring and lighting. Some of the lighting includes black-lights from the previous owners. There is also a big black crow perched on the passenger observation mirror above the windshield! The whole vehicle is conversation piece for sure.

If you watch any TV, and have seen the Six Flags Amusement Parks advertisement...

Six Flags Bus Commercial

Yeah, our bus is kinda like that, but not quite as nice...yet

Enjoy... More pics will be added as we take them...

Created on ... September 12, 2006, updated on September 17, 2006

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